How long does it take to be approved for the program?
The program will typically process enrollment and determine patient eligibility in real time.
Are there any benefit limits to this program?
Allergan will reimburse patient costs up to $1000 per treatment per eye.
Does the program cover the cost of administering OZURDEX®?
The program covers only the patient's out-of-pocket expenses for OZURDEX® itself. This may also be called co-pay, coinsurance, or cost-sharing. It is the portion of the cost for OZURDEX® that is not covered by insurance.
Does the program cover the cost of other medications or diagnostics related to the office visit?
No, the program does not apply to other costs related to office visits, diagnostic tests, administration, or other treatments.
Can the patients use the OZURDEX® Savings Program for assistance with previous co-pays?
The program does not cover previous co-pays.
Does the program cover a deductible if one is required by the primary insurance?
The program may cover a portion of the deductible that is applied to OZURDEX® by the primary insurance. The program covers up to $1000 per treatment per eye over the patient's initial $50 out-of-pocket cost for OZURDEX®.
Is proof of income required?
Yes, patient income is automatically verified via Experian® using the information provided by the patient.
Will applying for this program affect the patient's credit score or FICO rating?
No, the request for credit information will not impact the patient's credit score.
Once a patient prints their member ID from the website, how long is it good for?
As long as the OZURDEX® Savings Program is running, the member ID is valid for an unlimited amount of injections for 1 year from the date the member ID is assigned. After 1 year, patients must reenroll.
What if the patient doesn't want to provide his/her Social Security Number (SSN) or Tax ID over the internet?
Patients may call the phone number and enroll over the phone, but Social Security Number or Tax ID is required to determine eligibility. The patient may also fill out the Enrollment Form to complete a paper application. This application can be faxed to 1-347-630-0347 with a cover letter addressed "Attn: Truveris." In order to expedite the processing of the patient's enrollment, we also ask that the patient include a recent copy their tax return. Note: If the tax return is not provided with the enrollment form, the patient may be asked to provide the tax return at a later date in order to confirm his or her eligibility. Download Enrollment Form
Are Massachusetts residents eligible?
Yes, Massachusetts residents are eligible for the program.
What if I have specialty pharmacy coverage?

The specialty pharmacy is assigned to you by your insurance company and is most often a mail order pharmacy. Your medication may require permission from your insurance company known as a prior authorization. The information requested from your doctor can include blood work, specific test results, and other medications that have been tried for your condition. The authorization process can take anywhere from a few hours up to several days, sometimes longer, depending on the information needed and how quickly your doctor’s office can provide it. Once they have the information, the insurance company will either approve or deny your prescription to be filled.

If your medication is approved, you should provide the specialty pharmacy with your insurance information and co-pay card information from the OZURDEX® Savings Program. Your medication may need to be shipped to your home, your doctor’s office, or in a few cases, a local pharmacy; once this has been determined, it will be sent out.

If your medication is denied, your doctor’s office has the ability to appeal the insurance company’s decision and explain why this particular medication is necessary.

Eligible members will receive a member ID card which they will present to their specialty pharmacy. The patient should also notify the physician of his or her specialty pharmacy coverage.

Is there another way to apply for the program other than the OZURDEX® Savings Program website?
The patient may complete the Enrollment Form and fax to 1-347-630-0347 with a cover letter addressed "Attn: Truveris." In order to expedite the processing of their enrollment we also ask that the patient includes a recent copy of his or her tax return. Note: If they do not send the tax return with their enrollment form, they may be asked to provide this at a later date in order to confirm their eligibility. Offices may provide more information about the enrollment process if the patient requires assistance.
How do I re-enroll in the OZURDEX® Savings Program?

Patients must re-enroll in the OZURDEX® Savings Program 1 year from the date their Member ID was issued. Patients can re-enroll in the program in one of two (2) ways:

Patients will receive a link 30 days prior to the expiration of their ID card to the email address provided on their prior year's enrollment form. Patients may click the link to be directed to a page to confirm their identity. Once a patient confirms their identity, certain information will be prepopulated on the re-enrollment form. If the patient continues to be eligible for the program, they will receive a Member ID via the website and via the email they provided on their enrollment form.

Patients may also re-enroll by going to the OZURDEX® Savings Program homepage. Patient should click "Enroll and get Member ID" and then click "I am a re-enrolling patient" to begin the process for re-enrollment.